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Answering questions about DC City Church

Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams... - Isaiah 54:2-3

In 2012, sitting in a leader's meeting in Atlanta, Pastor was called out. "The gentleman in the purple shirt... I see a doubling." As is the case with other prophetic words, he simply received, prayed about, confessed and hid the Word. Then earlier this year, at Pastor Michelle Jackson's funeral, he said "yes" as Prophet Cindy Jacobs asked, "Can I pray over you?" She went on to prophesy that there would be other churches coming under Advance. Well, God has begun to confirm His Word.

We are honored to announce that the Elders and ministers of Advance Church, Bishop Wellington Boone, our Presbytery advisors, Lady Stephanie and Pastor consent with the Board of DC City Church (DCCC), that Pastor assumes the role of pastor at DCCC.

As Pastor shared this exciting news with Advance Church on December 16, 2018, and in follow-up conversations, there have been "frequently asked questions". Those questions and answers follow:

Why has Pastor Bruce agreed to do this?

With glaring confirmations, and more importantly the witness of his own heart, Pastor believes this to be the will of God.

What will change at Advance Church?

We continue to march ahead with our vision and goals. We maintain our three major strategic initiatives to improve infrastructure, invest in the Limitless Initiative, and increase outreach. This expansion is ONE way we increase our outreach.

There will be one minor adjustment. Beginning the first week in February, we will start our Sunday morning service at 9:30 am. (DCCC's service time will also be adjusted.)

Are we merging the churches and changing location?

Each church will continue to function independently. Advance assumes no responsibility for anything related to DCCC and vice versa. Advance will remain at the AFI Theatre and continue with the Limitless Initiative. Meetings, prayer gatherings, and Wednesday Night Bible Study will commence at DCCC in February.

Over time we will yield to the Holy Spirit regarding whether to unite the churches into one in a new location under the name Advance Church. As of now, that is not the vision.

How will Pastor manage the demands of both churches?

Advance Church is blessed with an abundance of ministry gifts and graces. Since the beginning of Advance, we have emphasized the importance of not building around one person. The ministry team has been trained and has already begun to take on more responsibility. This will continue. Pastor will focus on teaching and leading the leaders while staying available to the people of God.

Pastor Clark will have an "Executive Office" comprised of no more than two persons from each church to help him directly with ministry management. The ministry team of both churches will take the lead on the administration of each ministry, with Pastor Clark's oversight.

Pastor Clark will be active in both churches most Sundays, with the assistance of ministers from each church.

What will be Lady Stephanie's role?

Lady Stephanie will continue to lead LI's Godly Leadership School at Advance Church. She will occasionally visit DCCC with Pastor. This expectation has been communicated and agreed to with the DCCC Board.

Tell us more about DCCC.

You may visit their website at Other details include:

  • Approximately 30 active members (not including children)
  • 10 adults are under 40 years old 
  • 17 children under 15 years old
  • Church owns building outright

Why is DCCC looking for a new pastor?

Pastor Dale Wafer became the leader of DCCC after the previous pastor, Bishop Gaskins, passed away. Pastor Dale committed to helping stabilize the ministry over a five year period which ends on December 31, 2018. He will remain a member of DCCC while pursuing other ministry interests which were put on hold while pastoring DCCC.

Why Pastor Bruce?

"Pastor Bruce has proven to be a sound counselor and trusted brother to DCCC over the past year. He has helped to guide our church board through a very tough time and we have grown to admire and love his spirit. We think this may be God's doing." - DCCC Board, 12/6/2018

Since then, by unanimous consent, the Board agreed that this is the will of God.

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