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From Switzerland to Silver Spring

Pastor Bruce's Ministry Update

Now then we are ambassadors for Christ... 

(II Corinthians 5:20)

From Maryland to Moldova, the vision of God to "go into all the World" is in full effect in Stephanie's and my ministry. While our primary joyful ministry remains in the daily work of pastoring Advance Church and raising up student leaders in our community, here are some of our major projects:


Race relations is a big issue in the United States, but could the answer be found in Germany?

In Tubingen last month, I supported Bishop Wellington Boone as he served at TOS Ministries which has a mission to reconcile Germans and Jews. In meetings with Pastor Jobst Bittner, he talked about how the transformational power of generational repentance has changed their city. Their successful model, I believe, can work here in the United States. We are in contact with Pastor Jobst to collaborate for similar work here in America. Please see the section of this report,, for details on what I am doing about it.

Can the skills and results of work in the business and government sectors be effectively applied to The Church?

By the recommendation of Bishop Boone, we are offering some of the same services we have provided in the marketplace to the "church world". The response has been good. We have been in discussions with James Robison's office about writing articles for their online publication Stream. One of the first articles planned is about racial reconciliation utilizing a model we saw in Germany.


Engaged in both church planting and leadership development, our ongoing work in Malawi is a key area of our international ministry. We are,

  • Working with Pastor Joseph Gibson and Crossroads Church as they move to a small group model and reignite "MadLove Lounge" - a ministry to young adults.
  • Providing counsel and ministry to Dr, Lazarus Chakwera, leader of opposition party and presidential candidate. 
  • Planning for a proposed Godly Leadership School in the new Parliament.


Are current church ministry models effective at making an impact outside of the church's walls? Could an answer be in Switzerland?

Right outside of Zurich, we served at a ministry which has captured a great model for ministry in our day. Schleife Community is a ministry of applying the Word of God to multiple sectors, with the local church as one part of a varied array of ministries. We collaborate with Andreas Keller, leader of Schleife, for mutual ministry support. As our footprint and impact in Europe increase, we have a partner in Andreas and Schleife.


Would Millenials be interested in helping build homes for orphans in one of the most challenged countries in the World?

Through our partnership with Orphan's Hands, from June 15th- 22nd, we are hosting a mission trip to bring a leadership training camp to the orphans of Moldova and most importantly, introduce human trafficking survivors to the love of Christ. We will continue to work with Orphan's Hands to transform vulnerable, fragile souls into leaders within their community.

We have the opportunity to continue having an impact on the nations of the earth and the next generation. Perhaps you can't go, but you can co-labor with God and send us.

Help us continue on this apostolic, missionary journey. Click here or on the button below to give now. You are also invited to become a monthly partner. Contact Carol Aaron at for more details.

May grace and peace abound in your life.


Bruce and Stephanie

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Thanks for your support and prayers.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

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