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Mission Malawi V

At the Parliament Building with Pastor Chico

"Make disciples of every nation..." - Jesus

Over the last 8 years, I have been doing missions in Malawi. It all started with my dear spiritual son Pastor Joseph "Chico" Gibson. After years of ministry with me in the US, He felt the call of God to plant a church in his home country. Pastor Chico continues to pastor Crossroads Church and serves as a PR lead on the campaign team for Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

Students of our Godly Leadership School Malawi in 2017

Since then, we have served in Malawi from remote villages to universities, from pulpits to Parliament. And, we have been a counselor to and intercessor for Dr. Lazarus Chakwera. Dr. Lazarus, in all likelihood, will be elected as the next President of Malawi in a few weeks. I hope to stand with him at his inauguration, while continuing the work of ministry in the country.

Please support my next missions trip with a tax-deductible gift to Advance Church. And please, pray for me. I leave on May 2oth.

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Many blessings!

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