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Moving With God

Pastor Bruce's Update

By the Grace of God, I have been busy.

During this time of "full-time ministry" I have been focussed on four major areas: pastoring the city, Leaders Institute development, getting the Word out, and international ministry. Here are samples of those efforts.

Visiting with and praying for local business owners. Standing outside of Africutz with local entrepreneurs who did not hesitate to pray in public.

Pastoring the city - meeting with leaders to discuss serving the city and being available to pray for and listen to them. Here is bad picture of me along with Reemberto Rodriguez, Director, Silver Spring Regional Center.

Working with Bishop Boone to strategize for ministry in, and an upcoming trip to, Germany. Click here to read about the amazing opportunity to reach Europe. This photo represents the start of something 13 years ago that God is raising up. Just like those kids in the photo are all grown up, the work has grown and now the nations are available to us.

In addition to these things, I have

  • Restarted 5 am Tuesday morning prayer with other pastors at a local church in DC
  • Restarted the weekly Godly Leadership School blog
  • Assisted LI to bring a program in Blake High School
  • Utilized and continue to use Hootsuite to get the Word out on a more consistent, scheduled basis via social media
  • Worked and continue to work with Leaders Institute to improve communications, content, and a data analytics
  • Led and continue to lead worship team while Pastor Garfield is convalescing
  • Worked and continue to work with spiritual "sons" to discover the corporate graces and programs Advance Church can offer the community
  • And other things that are key, but time does not allow me to mention.

... ye sent once and again unto my necessity. Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. But I have all, and abound: I am full, having received of Epaphroditus the things which were sent from you, an odour of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, well pleasing to God. But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen. - Philippians 4:16-20

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