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Pastor Bruce's Ministry Update

"Now then we are ambassadors for Christ..." - II Corinthians 5:20

Pulled Out ....

Years ago, I heard the following Word... "Build a business, make it a glory in the Earth, pull out and preach My Word." For some time, I thought there would be a rushing-mighty-wind moment when business would be great, and I would leave the marketplace for good and totally devote to only church-focused ministry. When the business was prospering and growing internationally, I felt the call to start Advance Church. "Could this be the fulfillment of that Word?" I thought. As I have matured in my understanding, it became clear that I still did not fully know what God was saying. "We know in part..." (I Corinthians 13:12)

Since that time, I have been in and out of the marketplace. The most recent assignment lasted seven years, and in 2017, I heard again, "Build a business, make it a glory in the Earth, pull out and preach My Word." I began to sense that something was changing. Then, in a casual conversation, someone said something very close to this: "Man of God, you have to be free to go in and out of the marketplace to fulfill specific assignments from God." The light bulb came on. That was the part of the Word that had yet to be revealed. It was not that "build a business" was a one-time effort which would come to an end, but a lifestyle of being a missionary to the marketplace and returning home to the church. Build is an ongoing reality, but there would be seasons when I would be "pulled out" to focus on preaching the Word and strengthening The Lord's Church.

Right now, until the Lord gives me another marketplace assignment, I am in a "pulled out" season.

This is what I am not doing...

Although, I did get an opportunity to teach English in China. After some not-so-intense thought, I decided against it. (Ha!)

I have been ...

In a conversation with Bishop Wellington Boone, he encouraged me to give the same kind of effort to this season that I would give to a marketplace assignment. So, as I received and prayerfully considered that, over the last several weeks I wrote out a ministry plan to include vision, strategy, structure, tasks, outcomes, priorities, and resource requirements for this ministry season. The Lord helped me finalize this on Wednesday, January 24,18. From this time of planning, prayer, and work, I have received four major ministry areas to focus on:

  • Pastoring the City (Pastoral ministry within and outside the walls of Advance Church) 
  • Getting the Word Out More (Blogging, utilizing social media more strategically, publishing, podcasting, etc.)
  • Leadership Institute Development (Working to increase, improve, and fund our service delivery to youth)
  • International Ministry (Ongoing ministry to political/spiritual leaders in Malawi; helping Bishop Boone stand-up a ministry in Germany)
To get a more detailed plan and find out how to support this "pulled-out" season, email Carol Best-Aaron at
Keep praying for us.

We are praying for you ...

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