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Be strong in the grace of Christ Jesus.

We can make our plans,

but the LORD determines our steps.

- Proverbs 16:9

We can plan. God wants us to have clear goals. After all, sin is "missing the mark." Paul pressed toward the "mark". What will be your mark for the next few months and for next year and beyond? As you take the initiative, God orders your steps. So move forward; advance with clear goals in mind, which have been prayed through.

Seven Key Ingredients For Writing Goals

  1. Write goals in the present tense.
  2. Include no negative words.
  3. Ensure goals are measurable.
  4. Include no adverbs.
  5. Specify when.
  6. Specify how.
  7. Pray throughout the process to ensure you are in agreement with God.

Badly Written:

In 2021, I am really going to lose 20 pounds.


I lose 20 pounds by June 30, 2021 through daily exercise and eating less fatty foods.

Badly Written:

In 2021, I will no longer procrastinate on writing my book.


I publish the book [Title] by July 4, 2021, writing a chapter each month through April, with final editing complete by June 4, 2021.

"The experience of the Christian life as God means it to be, and by the communication of His grace makes it possible for it to become, is like that of men embarked on some sun-lit ocean, sailing past shining headlands, and ever onwards, over the boundless blue, beneath a calm sky and happy stars. The blissful voyagers are in full possession at every moment of all which they need and of all of His fulness which they can contain, but the full possession at every moment increases as they, by it, become capable of fuller possession. Increasing capacity brings with it increasing participation in the boundless fulness of Him who filleth all in all."

- Alexander Maclaren


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