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The Journey Continues... to Germany

Pastor Bruce's Ministry Update

About 200 years after Luther, there was a powerful underground Protestant movement in Moravia and Bohemia. Due to pressures of the Catholic church, some Protestants fled to Germany. One group went north to Saxony and settled on the lands belonging to Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf. From this land missionaries were sent around world.

We have the opportunity and the favor to possess this land and restore its Kingdom intent. Read the newsletter to learn more about the amazing way God has been moving. Bishop Boone and I will be travelling to Germany for several ministry engagements and to continue this mission. (I will be there for ten days, including the first week of April.)

Would you help send me on this apostolic journey? Click here and give to Ambassadors for Christ at Advance Church now.

Grace and peace.

Great man of God, Lonnie Rex, prays for the Germany Mission.....

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